The number of cars is constantly increasing but parking spaces remain limited.

In order to utilize the limited spaces, ELBAN SA in collaboration with DYPC propose the best parking solution for the optimal efficiency of your parking space.

With SMART PARKING® you can increase the already existing parking capacity of your space. e.g. In a space of only 2 parking spaces, you will be able to park up to 16 cars.


SMART PARKING® is a car parking system that uses the airspace for parking instead of the land that it is used today.

Series Smart Parking® SML

The SMART PARKING® SML series is for Sedan type passenger cars with a capacity of 8 or 10 or 12 or 14 or 16 cars.

The dimensions of SMART PARKING® SML range from:

Length: 6,37 m.
Width: 4,85 m.
Height: 8,03 m. – 17,20 m.


Series Smart Parking® SMSU

The SMART PARKING® SMSU series is for SUV type passenger cars with a capacity of 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 cars.

The dimensions of SMART PARKING® SMSU range from:
Length: 6,37 m.
Width: 5,10 m.
Height: 9,20 m. – 15,50 m.

How does SMART PARKING® work?

1. The driver places the car on a special ramp inside SMART PARKING® and sensors inform him/her for the correct position. Then the car automatically goes up to a predetermined position.

2. When the driver wants to retrieve back the car, he/she selects the car’s default position on the control keyboard and the system automatically brings down the car.

3. It takes less than 90 seconds for the car to descend from the highest point on the ground. The SMART PARKING® system can rotate automatically from both sides, choosing the fastest descent of the car.


The advantages of SMART PARKING®

  • Maximize space efficiency (increase capacity up to 16 times)

  • Small space requirements (only 2 parking spaces are needed for 1 SMART PARKING® station)

  • Easy parking & easy handling

  • Secure parking

  • Installation in just 5 days
  • Customizable appearance

  • Warranty up to 42 months

The high standards of SMART PARKING®

  • Light sensors at the front and the rear control the length of the car

  • Light sensors on both sides control the width of the car

  • Overload relay to protect the motor

  • Emergency stop device

  • Override switch on the platform

  • Override switch on the platform


It is possible to see the SMART PARKING® system installed at our site. Contact Us.