The rubber granules comes from:

  • Cars tyres

  • Truck tyres

During processing, all metal and synthetic fibers contained in the tyres are removed, giving a final product with a purity exceeding 99.9%.


Available in big bag type packages (of the 1st ton) in the following sizes:

  • 0.5-1.5 mm granulometry

  • 0.5-2.5 mm granulometry

  • 0.5-4.0 mm granulometry

  • 1-3 mm granulometry

  • 1-4 mm granulometry

  • 2-4 mm granulometry

  • 2-8 mm granulometry

  • 8-20 mm granulometry

  • 80-120 mm granulometry

  • 80-50 mm granulometry

Different granulometry is also available upon request.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally and human friendly
  • Long service life

  • High vibration absorption and vibration damping
  • High abrasion resistance`
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions

Utilization – Applications

  • In sports facilities (eg as an additive to artificial turf 5 × 5) and racetracks to absorb vibration and ensure surface elasticity.

  • In rubber tiles for the construction of safety floors, protecting against falls (eg playgrounds, sports and leisure facilities).
  • In the construction of drainage zones of a new type of landfill and in the expansion of biogas in HADA, replacing the gravel.
  • In cement factories, lime factories and power plants through the high calorific efficiency of combustion.
  • In the construction of river dams in the form of “ball”, replacing materials such as cement, gravel and protection sandbags.
  • In embankments to reduce the noise of road urban networks.
  • As a road construction substrate offering anti-vibration and thermal insulation properties.
  • In building construction as an insulating material, replacing traditional materials (eg extruded polystyrene, LECA, metal slag).
  • In agricultural areas or gardens and flower beds to eliminate weeds from the soil and ensure moisture.
  • In the manufacture of shoes and shoe soles.

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