The old tires are being received at our place through the collection agency Ecoelastica (www.ecoleastika.gr). In the first stage, the tires are washed with water to remove any dirt and the water is recycled.


The tires then proceed to the cutting stage where they are cut into larger and gradually into smaller and smaller pieces. About 15% of steel is contained in the tires. Steel is being removed and reused as a raw material in other constructions.


Then, the material is further separated and the linen is being extracted, leaving a clean rubber. Linen is contained in tires in a percentage of about 10%. The linen can be reused as fuel in lime factories by replacing combustion oil.


Lastly, the final product is packed in large big bags with a capacity of 1 ton.

This means that 1 ton of recycled rubber may contain as little as 100 grams of foreign matter – which is particularly important when considering the new applications it is being used in, such as football pitches and children’s playgrounds joys.