Responsibilities of Obligors

According to the legislation, the responsibilities of importers, traffickers, traders and end users – owners of tires are as follows:

  1. Importers must participate in a Collective Alternative Management System (CMS) of used tires or organize an individual Alternative Management System. The only approved alternative management system is Ecoelastika. The participation in CMS is accompanied by the payment of a financial contribution for the tires available in the Greek market.
  2. Tire dealers and final sellers are obliged to distribute tires, the importers of which participate in Ecoelastika and pay financial contributions for the tires.
  3. Vulcanizer shops, which change old tires in vehicles, are obliged to deliver their old tires to Ecoelastika.
  4. Owners or end users of used tires are required to deliver them to Ecoelastika.